Erik Pierre Hofmann

Master craftsman, luthier, publisher and more...

Classical guitars and copies

Classical guitars of my own design, either in standard 6-string configuration, or with additional bass strings. Copies after Christoph Koch (5-course baroque guitar), Anton Stauffer (Romantic era 8-string guitar) and others.

Historical guitars

Restoration, expertise and sale of historical guitars from the 17th to early 20th centuries.

Guitars for sale

Historical guitars in stock (subject to availability), occasional guitars from my own production (instruments made without a specific order). A non-exhaustive selection, which may not be up to date - contact me for additional informations.

References and more

Videos, audio samples and links related to my guitars or publications.

                        Les Éditions des Robins

Original publications related to the guitar, with a particular emphasis on the 19th century.


Books, scores and more.

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