Les Éditions des Robins

by Erik Pierre Hofmann, Pascal Mougin and Stefan Hackl

320 pages, linen hardcover with dust jacket, extra-large format

3 languages in parallel (French, German, English)

1st edition (2012): 195 Euro

ISBN: 978-2953886801

Franz Schubert - 39 Songs with Guitar Accompaniment

by Franz Schubert and Franz von Schlechta, edited by Stefan Hackl

192 pages, hardcover; large format

2 languages in parallel (German, English)

1st edition (2014): 80 Euro

ISBN: 978-2953886818

and also:

Guitar Music offline
a forth-coming collection of guitar music rareties
on paper.

"A royal Gift - Marie-Louise and the guitar"

An article by Erik Pierre Hofmann. Click below the title page opposite for a free PDF-version in English of this article first published in "Il Fronimo" (iss. 177, 2017).

© Les Éditions des Robins

Coming soon:

The renewed Guitar -

     the Instrument's Evolution through Period Pictures (1775-1925)

by Erik Pierre Hofmann and Stefan Hackl

384 pages, hardcover, large format

2 languages in parallel (English, French)

"Une élégante guitare parisienne, fabriquée à Mirecourt"

An article by Erik Pierre Hofmann (in French only). Click below the title page opposite for a free PDF-version of this article, which has not been published elsewhere. It was written for the "Musée de la lutherie et de l'archèterie françaises" (Mirecourt) during the process of the instrument's acquisition by the Museum.

© Les Éditions des Robins

"The Marriage of Pierre René Parinaud dit Lacote"

A publication by Catherine Marlat.

This piece gives a first glimpse of the research carried out by Bruno et Catherine Marlat for over thirty years, prior to the release of a book entirely dedicated to the most important French guitar maker of the 19th century.

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